Candles as Emotional Catalysts

October 23, 2022

Symbols of celebration, remembrance, romance, candles’ magical power on our emotions has been known and used for thousands of years. Their warm impermanent glow soothes the senses and creates intimacy. More than simple sources of light, candles are true emotional catalysts.

An Aura of Mysticism

The wick candle as it is widely used today is said to have been invented by the Romans. Since their earliest days, candles have been surrounded by an aura of mysticism. Part of many religious traditions, the act of lighting a candle is a symbolic ritual. For Hanukkah, the Festival of Light, Jewish people light candles every night for eight consecutive days. In Buddhism, candles evoke the impermanent state of all things and the enlightenment of the Buddha. Today, candles mystical power is universal: they honour the dead, bring the living together, and add a little more soul to our interiors.

Candlelight and Mood

Science has known for decades that the type of light in our environment has a significant effect on our mood and hormones. Today, our exposure to natural daylight tends to decrease while we are increasingly exposed to bright artificial light in the evening. This tends to disrupt our circadian rhythms and affect our mood and energy levels. For centuries, humans have used candlelight at night. This soft light, with its natural impermanent pattern, has a relaxing effect and is said to be more in harmony with our natural rhythm. Linda Geddes, a science journalist, decided to live without artificial light for weeks, only by candlelight, and describes the positive effects on her sleep and mood in an article for BBC Future.

Recreating the Candle Natural Pattern

Fascinated by the power of candles, Voltra has worked for years to capture candlelight in all its imperfect beauty and symbolic impact without the hassle of the candle. Voltra engineers developed the perfect algorithm to mimic the warm impermanent light of the natural flame. Voltra’s patented candlelight mode controls six LEDs whose intensity varies based on a virtual wind. This unique technology has reached its goal: to recreate the atmosphere of candles, and all the deep human emotions that come with it.

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