Designed for Ambience.
Engineered for Intelligence.


Our Story

Voltra was initiated to create lighting atmospheres that could be conveniently controlled and adapted.

With this in mind a dedicated design and engineering team developed a modular solution. It incorporates a unique, removable, rechargeable engine that can quickly be switched between any of our beautifully designed lighting fixtures. The engine is the heart of all of lights, as well as power, it also controls light levels and modes.  


Our Mission 

Our vision is to create a sense of intimacy married with a seamless user experience – ensuring our lights are beautiful both in form and function.

We are dedicated to quality. All of our lamps and charging solutions have been engineered and tested to the highest standards possible and are manufactured by experts in lighting.


Award Winning Design

Voltra’s Totem collection has received multiple industry recognised awards.



Arnold Chan

“The design reflects Voltra products – elegant and intimate vessels of light that are versatile and simple to use.”

London-based Arnold Chan is one of the UK’s most prominent lighting designers. With 35 years of experience running a prestigious lighting design studio, he is the creator of Voltra’s Totem range.


Our Partners


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