A New Horizon

Solutions to serve all your power needs

Our Horizon wireless charging collection makes it easier than ever to power and control Voltra Engines and Lamps.

The Power of

Horizon Ten

Featuring our Gravity Charging System, you can now magnetically connect and power up to ten Voltra engines on a table or wall.

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A Singular Solution

Horizon Solo

Created for smaller surfaces, charge a single Lamp or Engine and unlock its Active Touch sensitive controls.

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Horizon Ten

Power and control for up to Ten Lamps or Engines. Ideal for entertaining.

Designed with Hospitality in Mind

Whether it’s an intimate dinner party or a fully booked restaurant, simultaneously store, transport, charge and control up to ten Voltra Engines or Lamps.

Clarity and Control

Using our Dual Control Interface is as simple as can be, meaning you can cycle through brightness levels or lighting modes at the tap of a button.

A Slimline Supercharger

At only 18mm thin, the Voltra Horizon Ten charger is exceptionally discreet and easy to store. However, beneath its svelte exterior lies serious power, giving it the ability to charge up to ten lamps in just three hours. 


The final touch of convenience, Horizon Ten incorporates USB-C connectivity.

Horizon Solo

Power and control for a single Lamp or Engine.
Perfect for bedsides and bar-tops.

The Key To Control 

Connect your lamp to Horizon Solo charger and enable its Active Touch sensitive controls.

Night Night.
Not Night Light.

At Voltra we love light, which means we also respect darkness. Locating the status light on the back of Horizon Solo means no pulsing lights will disrupt you as you drift off to sleep.


As with Horizon Ten, our Solo charger also features the convenience of USB-C connectivity.

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