Clever Portable Lighting

Waterproof and worry-free. All of our Lumières and Engines are fully IP65 rated. Ideal for bath-time relaxing or an outdoor downpour.

A high-grade silicone gasket provides substantial grip on most surfaces, allowing up to 20 degrees of motion.

Two light modes combined with three brightness levels allow you to set just the right mood.

Brightness Levels

Six LEDs produce warm and intimate light that can be set to three brightness levels.

Candle Mode

Our patented algorithm accurately reproduces the magic of candle light.

Horizon Charging

Control groups of engines or lamps by simply cycling through brightness levels or lighting modes at the tap of a button.

At only 18mm thin Voltra Horizon is a slimline supercharger, with the ability to fully power up to ten lamps in three hours. 

Horizon Solo was designed to power a single Lamp or Engine. Perfect for a bedside table or a bar-top.

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