Out of Time in Navarino

July 29, 2022

Rooted in ancient history and surrounded by an untouched natural scenery, the coast of Navarino is one of Greece’s hidden treasures. 

Coastal views from the Navarino hills

A place out of time

Between the splendid Ionian sea and the mountains of Peloponnese, there is a special feeling. The feeling of a place out of time… but not short of warm smiles and sensorial explorations. This is the promise of Costa Navarino, a new eco-resort that blends into Navarino’s natural beauty and exceptional traditions.

Villas at the beachfront eco-resort

Inspired by nature, rooted in culture

The design of the resort is in harmony with the local architecture and the natural environment. Strong advocates of contemporary bioclimatic design, the architects at Tombazis & Associates primarily used local materials such as white stone, wood and reed.

“We have a holistic approach to design. We take into account all aspects of a place: culture, history, social considerations, aesthetics, function, sustainability etc… This philosophy is essential to our work” the architects explain.

 With their deep knowledge of the area’s cultural heritage, they have managed to find the perfect balance between the purity of Greek temples and the human warmth that emanates from the regional traditions. This is exactly what people are looking for in an eco-resort: accommodation with minimal impact, for an authentic experience.

Aesthetic synergies between Cost Navarino spaces and Voltra lighting

Totem lights for Navarino

Voltra is a perfect match for Costa Navarino’s design philosophy. Voltra was therefore delighted to provide our Totem lamps to illuminate this new eco-resort. In addition to blending beautifully with the spirit of the place - old meets new, raw natural materials and highly innovative materials - our Totems are practical and versatile.

Whether it's during evening dinners or lounging by the infinity pool, Voltra cordless lamps extend the Navarino experience into the night and beyond. 

Discover Our Totem Collection

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