Under the Spotlight: Trends for Maison & Objet 2022

September 06, 2022

Maison & Objet opens its doors for the 2022 edition from September 8 to 12 in Paris. At Voltra we have taken the opportunity to highlight some of the key trends we expect to see at the event. More than simply aesthetic, these trends encompass changing lifestyles and deep desires.

Meta Sensible

The trend laboratory Nelly Rodi has developed this concept of "Meta Sensible" as the main inspiration for this 2022 edition. After two years of retreat in a cocoon, design opens up again to the world, to the future and to new sensory experiences. In this new world, the sensory and the digital are not opposed, they start a discussion.

MW01 Chair by Mojow Design (Designer Olivier Santini)

Pixel Pillar by Polspotten

Beautiful Imperfection

Imperfection is always, and more than ever, a path to creativity. Whether through recycling, up-cycling or simply a change of perspective, the "ugly" becomes beautiful. The broken, the raw, the unloved, the "too much" are revered for their uniqueness. The trace of the hand or irregular textures get their luxury honours. Irregular ceramics, porcelain or alabaster are materials of choice, as is brass, versatile and malleable.

Recover Vases by David Valner

Rising the Moon Wall Light by Sylvie Capellino

Nostalgic Utopia

In a world of uncertainty, where crises follow one another, the need to dream cannot be stronger. Vibrant colors, childish objects, simple shapes, nostalgic drawings meet glitter and imaginary worlds. "Bubble gum" and fantasy are ever-changing creative grounds. There are always wonderful stories to tell.

Space Island Tables by Sacha Walckhoff

Tutti Frutti Wall Light by Maison Dar Dar

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