Voltra Light Odyssey

June 22, 2023

Watching the sun set over an endless seascape, sharing an intimate dinner with the sound of the waves, discovering the most magical places in the world from a unique perspective. Traveling the seas on a luxury yacht is one of the most wonderful experiences. The Evrima, from the Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection, takes Voltra Lighting on a very special odyssey.

The Ritz-Carlton Evrima

Voltra lights travel the seas

From the golden coast of California to the charming landscapes of the Nordic Sea, passing by the turquoise waters of French Polynesia, Voltra’s rechargeable lamps light up the path. The “elegant and intimate vessel of lights” as Arnold Chan, their awarded designer described them, fit the yachting lifestyle perfectly.

Voltra Totem lamps can withstand up to 20 degrees of tilt

IP65 rated for water and weather resistance 

Made to move with the waves

Rated IP65, Voltra cordless lamps are extremely resistant to dust, wind, and water. They are designed to move with the waves thanks to their weight and exceptional grip on most surfaces. Versatile, they prolong the exceptional atmosphere of luxury yacht holidays.

Voltra Totem Reeded at SEA restaurant on-board Evrima

Voltra Totem Alabaster on deck

Boot trip and Dolce vita

The next trip of the Odyssey: the mythical coasts of Italy. Leaving Chioggia and traveling all around Italy’s iconic boot to reach Civitavecchia and Rome. And Voltra light Odyssey is far from over yet.

The Ritz-Carlton Evrima approaching port

Discover Voltra lights for yachting

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