Using Your Horizon Solo Charger

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Connecting Power Source

Connect mains plug to a convenient power outlet.

Connect USB-C cable to your Horizon Solo charger.

Lamp Contact Alignment

Ensure the metal contacts on the underside of the engine make magnetic contact with Horizon Solo's power panels.

Engine Contact Alignment

It is important that the engine contacts are aligned with Horizon Solo's power panels, one contact to one panel.

The positions of the contacts are indicated on the top of your engine.

Lamp Charging Indication

When charging lamps, a successful connection is indicated by a three second illumination upon contact with Horizon Solo.

When removed your lamp will illuminate for three seconds if it is fully charged.

If your lamp isn't fully charged when removed it won't give an illuminated signal.

Engine Charging Indication

The LED indicator on the back of your Horizon Solo will glow Blue during charging and Green when fully charged. It will glow Red if there is an error.

Controlling Your Lamp

When connected to Horizon Solo you can touch the outer touch ring or any metal parts of the lamp to control brightness.

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